Meet our team

Ryan Peddycord20150524142714
Brooks Kincaid20180906124029

Brooks Kincaid

Jeff Ackerman20200828064903

Jeff Ackerman

Chief Operating Officer
Tim Mullany20240129084436
Tim Mullany, CFO

Tim Mullany

Chief Financial Officer
Mark Papp20220421110944

Mark Papp

Tide Rock YieldCo President
Candice Marshall20200504165530

Candice Marshall

Chief Marketing Officer
Josh Sonneland20230322162702

Josh Sonneland

VP of Fundraising
Graham Banks20210105143206

Graham Banks

VP of Corporate Development
Gus Young20240326103845

Gus Young

VP of Operational Excellence
Joe Schuster20231130103024
Joe Schuster, SVP of Talent

Joe Schuster

SVP of Talent
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