Welcome Leslie Myrell as VP of Marketing

We are pleased to announce that Leslie Myrell has joined Tide Rock as VP of Marketing. Leslie brings 18 years of B2B marketing experience for a range of companies from tech start-ups to large enterprises.

Leslie will lead marketing efforts for Tide Rock and provide strategic marketing services to Tide Rock’s businesses. She has already begun building a team to help portfolio companies increase their brand recognition, generate new sales leads, and grow revenue through digital and offline marketing efforts.

Prior to joining Tide Rock, Leslie was the VP of Digital Marketing for Vistage Worldwide. The impact of her work was felt company-wide through millions of dollars of incremental revenue, and improved gross margin resulting from a significant increase in lead volume and reduction in cost per lead. Leslie has held several marketing leadership positions including VC-funded tech startup Mogl, Microsoft partner SharePoint360, and FX Luminaire (acquired by Hunter Industries). Leslie earned a BS in Visual Communications and a BA in Philosophy from Ohio University. She is a lifelong learner who enjoys taking courses from universities worldwide including the Wharton School and the University of Melbourne.

The marketing team is part of Tide Rock Holding’s shared back-office, a suite of best-in-class resources provided to portfolio companies on a fractional basis to implement best practices and allow company leaders to focus on growth.